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Hi, Im MultiAznGamer

I am Going to Talk about the Rules

Here it is!!!

In-Game Rules :
1) NEVER Steal From Chests!
2) Don't Try to Hack, I will just pwn your Ass.
3) NEVER be Disrespectful!
4) Don't be a Stupid/Retarded Individual.
5) No False Info/Scams
6) Don't Beg for ranks/Items
7) Always Listen to da Admins!
Cool PLEASE don't Grief -.- (This is an Perma-Ban, even if you didn't knew or forgot it was someone elses, you should always ask!)

Forum Rules :
1) NEVER Be Disrespectful!
2) Always Post in the Right Section! (Doing so More than 2 Times will Get you BANNED)
3) Don't be a Stupid/Retarded Individual!
4) Don't Abuse the Power Admins!
5) No Spamming/Flooding/Raging. (Don't Post More than 2 Times of the Same Thing / Don't Argue over Retarded things)
6) No Offensive/Racist Words/Images!
7) Be Active! (If you Havn't Post a Single thing in 24 hours Ever since you made an Account, I will Delete you!)


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